What Are the Great Reset – And How Did It Get Trashed by conspiracy Theorists

What Are The Goals Of The Great Reset

In early November 2021, we found out that the U.S. government had intentionally started a “trashing” of all electronic devices at once, to start a viral release of information prior to the U.S. election. The goal was to discourage people from voting and to give Obama a “red” period in which to rebuild support. Some people decried the move as an act of terrorism (a violation of the rights of freedom of speech and press), but the truth is that such a move by the U.S. government would be extremely unwise, considering the fact that any single act of sabotage could have led to the entire system crashing and burning.

What is the Great Reset  and how did it get hijacked by conspiracy theorie

So, what is the Great Reset? The term is taken from emails that hackers intercepted between two unnamed world governments. These emails detailed plans to attack the United States and destroy its electrical infrastructure, just as Osama Bin Laden had promised to do if the American people took action against his terrorist organization. The hack also detailed a plan to flood the United States economy with cash and flood the world economy with credit, just as Osama Bin Laden had suggested. The United States, having been briefed on the contents of the emails, put a hold on the operation and threatened to sue the world government for leaking the information. This is a classic example of how conspiracy theories become reality.

So, how did this Great Reset get hijacked? How did the world government get access to important information concerning the intentions of the Chinese and Russian governments and exactly what they are hoping to accomplish through the U.S.-led efforts to bring about a change in the power structure in China and in Russia? We see in conspiracy theories, that when the government doesn’t want something kept secret, it gets the information out anyway. In this case, the United States is not keeping secrets from the Chinese and Russians, but instead, they are leaking the information to those who are trying to bring about change in power structures through coups or other means.

Thus, we have the Great Reset, where the Chinese and Russian governments are trying to throw Syria off to the side, or do whatever it takes to stop the UN sanctions which are hurting both economies. We have also seen the Russian government hint that it may annex parts of Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia, and Japan and South Korea threaten to do likewise. This is further evidence that we are seeing the birth of a new cold war, as both sides try to control the resources of the world to their benefit.

When you look at all the facts, it appears as though there is nothing behind the threat of these international nations to go nuclear. However, this is a ploy to raise global energy prices due to a lack of fuel resources. That’s just one of the problems with the Great Recession. Now, with the threat to the Chinese leadership, along with the Russian leadership, can we expect a coordinated attack on the United States? Is the economic collapse part of the conspiracy theorists’ ploy to blame the Obama administration for the “Great Reset”?

It is hard to say whether or not this is indeed the case because we are now in a state of economic collapse, and many people are blaming the Obama administration for it. However, no one has explained how the economic collapse will occur, or why it is happening now. There is plenty of blame to go around, but there isn’t any real way of determining who is actually to blame for this mess. In fact, we are probably just going to find out that we were all along programmed to fail because we failed to see the warning signs in 2021.

Therefore, what is the Great Reset? How did the economies of the world almost implode and implode very quickly? And why did those economies collapse so quickly, and seemingly without warning, while the Bush administration kept stating that we were on the road to recovery, and “We are getting our economy back on track”? In other words, there are too many coincidences to be coincidental, and too many individuals with too much power to simply say “this cannot happen.” In other words, it appears that we are being played a bunch of trickery by those in the secret societies, and they are trying to manipulate our societies through the use of conspiracy theories and secret societies.

Does that mean that conspiracy theories: What is the great reset? is a joke? No, of course, it doesn’t. But we should watch out, and we should ask these questions if we want to know exactly what is going on in the world today. Please consider this.

What are the Great Reset – And How Did it Get hijacked?

What is the Great Reset  and how did it get hijacked by conspiracy theorie

The great reset or forward progression of mankind was supposedly initiated at the beginning of the 21st century. In fact, mankind’s forward progression is what has been discussed since the beginning of time. However, the Forward Project is only a myth, and we are slowly headed back towards the very dark ages of history. Thus, what is the great reset?

As we are all so familiar with, the great reset was supposedly begun at the dawn of the first new era in human history. This was when mankind was on the verge of technological advancements that would take the world to the next step. With this, there would be a change to the way that humans interact with one another, and with their planet. This would usher in a new age of peace and wealth for humankind. Unfortunately, all this never came to pass, and the forward progression of mankind came to a screeching halt with the downfall of the first worldwide criminal organization, the World Trade Organization.

Now, let us look closer into what exactly is the Great Reset. As mentioned above, this is a theory on how the forward progression of mankind was halted by the downfall of the world government. However, one must also take note that this is only a theory, and we are now in the era of the most aggressive conspiracy theories in existence today. Thus, before looking deeper into what is the Great Reset, we must look into some of the more basic theories of conspiracy theory, and then look into the actual facts of how it came to pass.

Some people theorize that the downfall of the World Trade Organization as a result of greed, power, and absolute control by a small group of individuals. The smaller group of people (known as the 1%) have unlimited resources, and they would control the economy of the entire world through its purchases of goods and services from other countries. Their secret plan was to slowly bleed the economy dry until there was no money left for anything else but their own selfish interests. Through massive consolidation of wealth, they would gain dominance over all other businesses in the future. Only later would the smaller, poorer nations be able to join the global community, and trade freely with everyone else.

Another theory states that the downfall of the World Trade Organization was due to a conspiracy between the U.S., U.K., and Canada. These three nations had been trading with each other illegally, and they wanted to cut off the illegal flow of money. By doing this, they would force the other nations to either agree with their policies or face severe economic punishment. In doing so, they could control the flow of global resources, which would ultimately lead to hyperinflation in the world and complete chaos. This theory also has many similarities to the “World Leadership” theories, and even dates back to the ancient theories of the world’s great religions. Each religious group had a different way of looking at how the world worked, and how the global community should be run.

A popular Internet movie claims that a group of Chinese hackers hacked into the United States Federal Reserve’s computer network and took away all of the country’s gold reserves. Once this happened, the Chinese government then took all of the gold reserves and transferred them to China itself. This is the theory of what is the great reset, and how did it happen?

Some people believe that the downfall of the World Trade Organization was caused by greed and power. Others believe that it was all done to protect the larger, emerging economies of the world. One thing is for sure, though whatever the cause, the outcome was devastating. Many economists are predicting that the recession will continue for quite some time and that the recession will worsen before it gets better, meaning that we may be in for a period of extremely hard times as we rebuild our global economy.

How is the Great Reset coming to an end? Many people believe that the “Great Reset” is coming to an end. The Chinese government has denied involvement in the hacking of the computers at the Bank of America or the NSA. There are people who say that the United States will initiate a trade war, which would hurt our economy badly. However, what is the great reset, and how did it get hijacked? Only time will tell, and the future is certainly not known for sure.

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