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Spooky Chase

Searching for Spooky Chase Free PC Download full form! at that point what are you hanging tight for?


Spooky Chase Free PC Download is point of certainty a troublesome experience. The astounding piece of the game exchange on the truth you make your enemy’s turn of events. Making another experience for 2D stage games.

Spooky Chase Free PC Download is a 2D arcade platformer where you endeavor to make it to the red flag. The issue is, each time you beat a level, you’ll need to deal with an additional ghost in the accompanying. So if on the second level you simply need to avoid one ghost, on the fifth level, you’ll need to keep an essential separation from four.

Progressing cooperation in Spooky Chase is fundamental: tap the left 50% of the screen to modify direction, and tap the right half of the screen to bob. An entrancing focal point is that the freshest ghost will follow you any spot you go, however various specters will continue absolutely as they did good all around where they initially appeared.

Spooky Chase Free PC Download is an expedient, fun, and sincerely testing game. If a ghost reaches you, you lose the game. Moreover, each time you lose the game, you’ll need to start by and by from the essential level, so doling out the retribution to the sixth level is a genuine achievement. It’s in like manner worth referring to that both the plans and soundtrack have a shocking retro feel.

Reliably we play frightening games for the Halloween season. Escaping from monsters, zombies, specters, and the overview goes on.

This time, you going to escape from your own past. Watch out for every movement you made and DON’T GIVE UP. If it has someone who can squash you, it is YOU.

You are your enemy! In Spooky Chase, every advancement you made towards the standard are recorded and thereafter, reproduced by the monsters. For extra flags you accumulate, more adversaries will show on the guide!

It can’t be a Halloween game without outfits! Accumulate every one of the sugary treats to open various outfits to use you would say!

So you beat the stages on mission? Time to show up at that right score! On Endless Mode you can pick your #1 stage and endeavor to accumulate various flags as could truly be anticipated!

Shouldn’t something be said about play with your allies in a total muddled game mode? On Multiplayer you can play up to 4 players Local and see who makes due at the end!

Get the pennants, run for your life. Moreover, from yourself. You are a charmed child participating in a catch the standard title as a trade-off for treats, until something frightening starts to happen…

Notwithstanding the sum you run, monsters seek after you mimicking all that you may do. Grab the standards, move away from the monsters and find what’s behind this remarkable mystery!


  • Operating system: Windows 7 or fresher
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 8100
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Designs: Intel HD 4000
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Capacity: 100 MB accessible space

Delivered Date

As indicated by the most recent news, this astonishing game was delivered on 18 February, 2021. You should examine the full form of this astounding game and download it rapidly from here to live it up.

For Download the Game Click the Link below

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