Riot Games and Bungie Team up suing a creator of cheat Software in Valorant and Destiny 2

Sometimes you have to ally with rivals to fight a common front. This has been what Riot Games and Bungie have had to do against GatorCheats, a company that, supposedly, is dedicated to creating “malicious cheats and hacks”.

The titles that have been mainly affected have been Valorant and Destiny 2, two of the flagships of both companies. According to Polygon, the developers’ lawyers filed a lawsuit in the Central District of California court last Friday, accusing Cameron Santos, head of GatorCheats, of these practices.

Bungie and Riot’s exposure consists of the allegation that both Santos and his staff sell and distribute cheating software through their web portal. In addition, they also use other channels such as Telegram, Discord, or emails.

This software is designed to avoid the radar of the anti-cheat systems of the two studies, making their detection difficult. Access fees to this software range between $ 90 per month and lifetime access for a total of $ 500.

Legal representatives allege that GatorCheats has made profits of ” tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars ” through this method. It is even specified that access to Valorant traps is more expensive than in the case of Destiny 2.

Among the improvements of this software are the typical aimbots, which have an impact on better aiming. Cheats on health and the opposing team have also been detected.

At first, Bungie notified GatorCheats in advance to stop their activity. The answer was to cancel the sales in the future, but the system would continue to be supported by those who had bought it. Bungie’s attorneys contend that GatorCheats still sells such software on its website.

According to Bungie and Riot, the damages “can amount to millions of dollars, ” so they hope that the courts will shelve the matter, closing the portal and ending their practices. You can take a look at the lawsuit through this link.

Polygon contacted a spokesperson for Riot, who clarified that “cheating undermines the competitive integrity of a game and erodes community trust.” In addition, the head of the company was forceful, since “Riot is fully committed to defending these values ​​for its players, so when we learn of the existence of a cheat maker, you can bet that we will go after them.”.

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