Paul Godfrey II – We Need More Intelligent Foreign Policy in the United States of America

There has been a lot of talk about outgoing President Obama and VP-elect Biden. Many have accused the two of not getting along. On the other hand, we see Russia saying that it is looking forward to an improved relationship with the United States. Does that mean Putin hopes that Obama is less impulsive than Trump? It sounds like a pretty silly comparison.

Putin hopes Biden less impulsive than Trump

Still, does it serve the American people or the global community well to give a big handout now, while Russia has so much to gain? One question should be asked. Is our mission in the Middle East and the world really to help the world become a better place, or are we playing a one-upmanship game with the Russians? Sometimes it seems that we forget that we are one nation among many, and indeed with a leadership that may be half-blind and lacking in moral clarity, we are the ones who need to lead.

When we look at what Russia is trying to accomplish in its global expansion efforts, we need to ask ourselves if it is in America’s best interest to assist such a rascally regime which is hopelessly out of control. If we do not help, we may end up with even more nuclear weapons which we currently don’t want. We also have a volatile Middle East, with proxy terrorist groups which are funded by Iran and Saudi Arabia. We also have a troubled economy with double digit unemployment and inflation in some of our Rust Belt states. Is it in America’s best interest to hand off the leadership of our greatest nation to an inexperienced warmonger like Mitt Romney who has no vision or direction.

We cannot allow Russia to use proxy terrorists to attack us nor can we allow regimes in other nations with whom we have strategic interests to sponsor terrorist organizations that kill US citizens. In fact the international terrorists who kill Americans overseas need to be put on a list of people who we want to kill and summarily execute. But it is hard to take someone like Mitt Romney at his word when he says that we should stick by our allies and work very closely with these tough nations in the region. These are nations that supply arms and money to our enemies.

One can only imagine the quid pro quo for an American President running around the world saying that one day we will be on each other’s side, helping them defeat their enemies. That would be pretty sweet music to hear in the tea party do believe that we are to now stick with our friends. But then again who are our friends? And who exactly are our enemies? We need to be a little more careful with our talk about the Mideast and the Middle East because we do need to make sure we do not get too deeply involved in a military clash with Russia.

Yes, it is true that Russia is an enemy of the United States of America is our greatest friend in the World. However, does the Obama Administration consider Syria a friendly nation? Not really, because it has already said that it will use force against the United States – using proxy terrorists, who are trained and supplied by Moscow to fight against the United States of America and yet the Administration wants to hand-pick which nation our ground troops will be fighting alongside of in the Middle East; which is a rather curious strategy indeed.

Many people are concerned that the United States of America is losing patience with the Russian Federation, particularly after the shoot-down of the Malaysian airline and yet after all, isn’t the United States the one who gave everyone training in military tactics, nuclear weapons, stealth technology, infrared devices and the like? Yes, but aren’t they also our sworn enemies? Indeed, and as they were our sworn enemies in Vietnam, perhaps we should have allowed our vets the longest possible retirement after World War II? Still, this is highly complicated and sophisticated weaponry and the Americans have modernized so much that they cannot possibly win a land war in any serious way.

What does this mean for us? It means that we cannot afford to be weak. We cannot allow our leadership to be weak and negotiate with Russian officials who may not be fully apprised of our goals and what we intend to do. At the same time, we cannot spend our entire time and money trying to pick a bunch of battles in the Middle East, as that would bankrupt us and squander our strength. Rather, we must work smart, play smart, and be smart. Please consider all this.

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