Mario Pergolini, 1st Vice President Of Boca Juniors

Mario Pergolini, 1st Vice President Of Boca Juniors

The competitive season of League of Legends in Argentina is about to begin, and if we review the competitors of the Master Flow League, we will find a large number of organizations that are related to traditional sports. One of the great novelties is the incursion of Boca Juniors Gaming: one of the most important clubs in the world, which opened its Loll squad. But it does not end there, because they also announced that they will compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and that they will be participants in regional tournaments.bility ”, Mario Pergolini, 1st Vice President of Boca, told Infobae Gaming.

Although Xeneize is a giant club that is admired around the world, Pergolini knows that it has reached a scene already formed, with its own great teams, with a history within esports: “There are many organizations that have been working in a great way so that the scene grow. Our idea is to accompany, promote and promote this work for the good development of the region. We have no doubts that Boca will become a model institution of the scene with work, commitment, and responsibility ”.

How do you go about leading a project that has little to do with the traditional and that targets a very different audience?

The form of communication, the audience and even the competitions have great differences from traditional sports. However, there are values ​​such as professionalism, commitment and responsibility that remain the same and will be our pillars of work.

What are the bases of the new project?

Our work ideals seek to maintain the commitment and values ​​that the institution has had from its origins and transfer them to the esports scene. It is a project that we have been pushing since we started the administration because we understand that it is a demand from our fans. That a club of the magnitude of Boca decides to venture in the way it is doing in esports is a huge pride and responsibility. We not only have the objective of becoming a highly competitive team, but we will also seek to promote the inclusion and growth of each of the members of the project. After all, our wish is to contribute to the development of e-sports in the region.

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What are Boca’s short-term and long-term goals in esports?

Starting a project is never easy and requires a lot of work.  During this year we want to settle on the scene with the creation of esports teams and participate in the most prestigious competitions in the region, prioritizing that all players have the tools and support necessary to exercise their profession correctly.  In the long term, we seek to be a pioneer institution both in the competitive level and in the training and inclusion of new players.PlayBoca Juniors esports

La Liga Master Flow of League of Legends, organized by the League of Professional Video (LVP) is the first division of Argentina, and one of the seven tournaments make up the second division of Latam. The champions of each tournament compete for two places in the Promotion / Relegation , compared to the last two places in the Latin American League , which brings together the most important organizations in the region. Or that was until the end of 2020 .

Is that due to the inclemency of the COVID, Undead Gaming , Argentine champion, could not travel to Mexico to dispute the Promotion / Relegation , so there were no promotions or demotions in the last year. Instead there will be a tournament to decide it at the end of 2021. This caused a revolution on the scene, which was joined by eight of the ten teams that made up the national championship and decided not to participate in this year’s edition. For this they opened a nomination process, and Boca Juniors Gaming bet.

 Did LoL Master Flow League searching for teams help?

Before the LVP renewal took place, we were already working on Boca’s entry into esports. From the first moment, we knew that the first step had to be the creation of a League of Legends team and the entrance to the official circuits.

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Various soccer teams had entered esports. What did Boca need to kick-off?

The entrance was not only from traditional clubs but also great sports personalities took and are taking their first steps on the scene. This is something that is happening both in the region and in the world and we see it as something very positive. There are teams that have been working exclusively in esports for a long time and this growth is also due to them. The development that electronic sports had in recent times, without a doubt, generated a very positive outlook for our income.

The Obras Stadium was the scene of the last in-person final of the Master Flow League.

The Master Flow League will run from January to August and will be divided into two splits: Apertura that is played from January to April and Clausura, from May to August. The 12 teams will meet for 22 days in Round Robin format . The best eight will qualify for the playoffs and two will compete in the grand final. It will begin this January 27 at 6:00 p.m. It will be played on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and will be broadcast on LVP Argentina’s Twitch and on Cablevisión Flow’s channel 609.

The contest will take place online, and Xeneize, which seeks to stomp, will bet on a physical place, which will function as a base of operations for the team. “One of the challenges this year is to develop a gaming office where all our players can have access to the corresponding tools and facilities for their development both to train, to compete, and to relax ”, closed Pergolini.

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Boca will debut in a championship that has an interesting relationship with traditional sport. It is that you will see the face with two old acquaintances of football: San Lorenzo and River Plate. Yes, the Argentine super classic will have its edition in esports. Also present will be Ebro Gaming, the organization of Juan Sebastián Verón, New Indians, former Generación Dorada Fabricio Oberto, New Pampa s, former tennis player Guillermo Coria, and Stone Movistar by Diego Schwartzman, 9th in the ATP ranking. The list is completed by Undead Gaming, Savage Esports, Maycam Evolve, Naguará Team, and Globant Emerald Team.

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