Golden Axe Pc Game Free Download Full 2021

Golden Axe Pc Game Free Download Full 2021

The mighty Golden Axe has been stolen by the Titan, Dying Adder. So long as he holds it, Dying Adder will rule Yuria mercilessly. You, Tarik, are the one warrior with the swordsmanship talent and the braveness to attempt to get it again. Will you dare to tackle Dying Adder?

The Quest for the Axe

Golden Axe takes you thru 5 rounds of motion and journey. Once you start your quest, you have got a razor-sharp barbarian’s sword, and also you select one in every of three forms of magic. In the course of the game, you can improve your magic powers in addition to seize unfamiliar beings you may trip into battle! From the beginning, Golden Axe options nonstop hacking and slashing as you struggle Dying Adder’s forces of evil. Start within the Forest of Yuria and slice your technique to Turtle Island. Defeat the Hammer Giants and earn an evening’s relaxation and an opportunity to extend your magic energy! Survive the battle of Turtle Island Village and trip throughout the ocean on the again of an enormous turtle!

Subsequent, you struggle with your technique to Eagle Island. On how you have to cross the dreaded Fiend’s Path, the place a horde of Yuria’s meanest creatures, residing and useless, wait to cross swords with you! In the event you make it, you may fly on the again of an enormous eagle to the balcony of Dying Adder’s palace. Then it is on to the ultimate confrontation-after a few of Dying Adder’s loyal creatures attempt to soften you up.

Battle Evil Enemies

Although the enemies in Golden Axe are few in the selection, they’re many in quantity and maintain even the sharpest players on their toes, the primary ruffians you meet are the club- and mace-carrying bandits. The Membership Bandits are the weakest. In the event you get shut sufficient to throw them, one toss is normally sufficient to do them in. The Mace Bandits are more durable however nonetheless no match for a few strong sword cuts. Be daring!

The Amazons are brutal foes. They reduce swiftly with their lengthy battle axes so that you higher be careful, particularly if two of them attempt to field you in. Amazons additionally trip three various kinds of creatures: hen stingers with sharp beaks and whip-like tails and two dragons, one which shoots blue flame and an extra highly effective one which spits fireballs. In the event you knock the Amazons off the creatures, you may trip them and use their powers in battle.

In the event, you seize a hen stinger or a dragon from an Amazon, do everything doable to remain on it so long as you may. You will defeat your foes way more simply. For instance, it simply takes two or three swipes of a hen stinger’s tail to do in a Hummer Big!

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Skeletal Troopers comply intently behind the Amazons. These undead warriors are quick with a cutlass and laborious to defeat. Once you knock them down, their bones scatter. In seconds, they reform and are available proper again at you-spooky! It could take 12 to 16 regular sword cuts to take one out of the game-and they normally assault in pairs! A blast of magic helps to weaken these creatures.

Hammer Giants and Mailed Giants are servants of the Titans. Each transfer shortly and may trigger you most injury! Hammer Giants assault by swinging sledgehammers or by charging and ramming you with a shoulder, which sends you flying! Mailed Giants seem to maneuver slowly, however, their pointed sword spears are lengthy and may get you earlier than you are inside placing vary of them! Once you start preventing Mailed Giants, you recognize you are getting near the tip of the sport. However, you continue to must defeat Dying Adder to win the Golden Axe. ..and that is the hardest battle of all!

Magic and Might

At the very start of the Golden Axe, you choose from three forms of magic: Earth, Hearth, and Thunder. Magic is crucial to beating the game. It will get you out of spots the place swordplay does no good! Earth Magic calls down the facility of the Earth Titan to start an earthquake that shakes the life out of your enemies. Hearth Magic calls on the facility of the Hearth Titan, and, at its strongest, brings a mighty dragon from the sky to roast your foes. Thunder Magic calls upon the Thunder Titan to rain lighting on the evil ones. Every magic positive factor completely different and extra highly effective results with each potion you gather. However, to gather potions, you have to battle the Elves.

The Elves do not actually struggle again, however, they do transfer quick. Every time you join together with your sword, the Elf throws out a blue potion. Contact it, and it reveals up on the magic meter within the higher left nook of the display. Some Elves even carry Magic Meat. Munch on this and your life meter will increase one bar for each bone you seize. Magic Meat Elves transfer very quick, so hit them shortly!

Crushing Your Foes

Beating Golden Axe takes extra than simply hacking at your enemies. Nevertheless, you may mix completely different preventing kinds into some very highly effective assaults. Urgent Button 2 to leap after which urgent Button 1 strikes Tarik in an overhead sword strike. In the event you’re near the enemy and also you press Button 1 quickly, Tarik kicks the bum. Get nearer nonetheless and he tosses the enemy to his doom] Urgent the D-Button twice quickly makes Tarik run within the path pressed. In the event you press Button 1 whereas operating at an enemy, you may ram him together with your shoulder — a robust preventing method developed by samurai warriors! In the event you run, press Button 2 to leap after which press Button 1. Tarik will leap and fall on his enemies, sword first, is probably the most highly effective and spectacular assault type! Add magic to your bag of methods and you’ve got a formidable arsenal of expertise equal to the problem of Golden Axe! For graphics, playability, and problem this sport is difficult to beat. It is among the finest video games but. Come on — get into the swing of issues with Golden Axe!

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