Facebook Buys Studio Behind Roblox-Like Clayta Gaming Platform

Facebook Buys Studio Behind Roblox-Like Clayta Gaming Platform

Facebook has bought a controlling stake in the Roblox-like Crayta gaming platform and is going to be the new owner of this popular social networking site. The acquisition of this company by the giant social networking website is expected to create more than a hundred million dollars in revenue for Facebook per year. It will also allow Facebook to put its more experimental experiments to work. Many people have questioned whether Facebook can really make money out of something as simple as video games. Well, let us count the ways. You may not realize it, but Facebook’s purchase of Crayola will help it realize one of its long-term dreams of becoming a platform that allows people to play video games and chat with their friends at the same time.

Facebook Unit Games Crayta Crayta Facebook

Video gaming platforms are highly competitive in the mobile market, where many people are already using cell phones as their main source of communication. However, what few people know is that Facebook is trying to enter the console gaming market, which is already dominating the PC and the gaming industry in general. This is part of their plan to enter into the fast-growing world of mobile communication.

Facebook Buys Studio Behind Robloxlike Crayta Gaming Platform

The Roblox-Craya deal was originally planned in January, but Facebook did not make it public until today. According to sources, Facebook co-founder Mark Zucherberg visited the games studio during the summer to test out the Crayola game engine and to meet some of the staff. The two companies struck a deal in August. In today’s deal, Facebook will take a majority stake in the entire company. This means that the games division will now be under the leadership of Facebook’s gaming platform.

What is interesting about this acquisition is the fact that Facebook is now positioning itself as a leader in social networking and mobile gaming. Although the Facebook mobile app doesn’t seem to be very popular, it still captured almost 2 billion downloads within its first two months on the market. It has been constantly improving and Facebook hopes that with these two acquisitions, they are moving their gaming platform into a place where people will see it as being highly popular and lucrative. Some people are wondering if these are just pure business moves or if Facebook was looking to position themselves as a serious gaming company.

Studio owners Zynga and Playdom had acquiredrobust game developers Roblox when they were working on the Facebook Mafia Wars game. Roblox had focused their efforts on game development before they were sold to Zynga. While the company is focused on the card game business right now, they had released several successful strategy games in the past that people enjoy playing now. Roblox’s games are particularly popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Facebook Unit Games Robloxlike Crayta Facebook

Many people are speculating that the acquisition of Roblox by Zynga will help them position themselves as a serious social networking company. Roblox has created a community for their games that are larger than most social networking sites. In addition, Roblox has developed a strong following of gamers who play their games with a community online and compete with each other to become the best. Gaming news sites like Polygon have reported that the company is considering expanding their network to include Facebook.

Polygon mentioned that the move will allow Facebook to “expand its ability” to capture the video gaming market by giving people more options for interacting with games and their communities. Roblox has been criticized in the past because it only allowed people to chat on their network and not to interact with other people outside of the Roblox network. Polygon mentioned that Facebook wants to make it easier for people to share information about games and their social networks on Facebook. People will be able to “tag” their friends so that they can see what their friends are up to.

Facebook wants to create a social gaming experience that gives people a chance to connect with others and get information about their playing games. Roblox, which was recently bought by Zynga, has developed a solid gaming network that millions of people use regularly. It is unclear whether or not Facebook plans to purchase the studio, but it does feel like the two companies have a good opportunity to work together.

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