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Dry Drowning

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Dry Drowning is a scientific spine chiller arranged visual novel set in the advanced disastrous universe of Nova Polemos.

Dry Drowning Free PC Download has fairly more insight than some other visual books accessible, complete with questions and signs to reveal, yet by and large the game relies seriously upon its record and workmanship heading. The game has a strong craftsmanship style, with character models cast in monochrome and shadow while heavier shadings glimmer by and large. It makes an unmistakable image of Nova Polemos and its occupants, further centering that by and large noir feel.

Dry Drowning Free PC Download could work commendably as an underlying advance into the visual novel space. Those new to the game kind may imagine that its restrictive, both to the extent its limited developments and a highlight on trade and puzzles over movement. Regardless, Dry Drowning endeavors to mimic the better visual books available, focusing in on plot nuances and its mystery’s captivating minutes.

Dry Drowning

Studio V’s story is definitely not an ideal one, yet rather something that players may find empowering. Dry Drowning is stacked with noir maxims: the grizzled criminal specialist with a dark past, a social affair of ruffian position figures, or the genuine and honest accomplice. It’s normal also that Max Payne savored the experience of criminal specialist fiction hyperboles, though Dry Drowning is decidedly too unwieldy and not by and large considering where it goes excessively far.

Taking everything into account, its truthfulness is persuading, and the genuine story – yet all around stomped on – is a pleasing agent romp to discover. Get Drowning covers dry a despicable ongoing killer nearby the plots of dangerous individuals who have ensured a ton power. Incorporate the game’s weighty imagery of old stories and it’s a solid blended beverage.

A dark socio-political condition pulling everything down to the gap, an ongoing killer drawing strength from this duskiness, a tormented agent and his partner needing for recuperation.

Dry Drowning moves the player to find reality, going through unsure characters, questions, hints and unanticipated events, while telling a persuading and create story.

The player accepts accountability for Mordred Foley and necessities to scrutinize the story, while making decisions at explicit core interests. Dependent upon the choices, the player can affect the relationship to various characters similarly as the course of the game, finding more than 150 story branches, and in the end show up at one out of three interesting endings with assortments.

Dry Drowning Free PC Download game moreover consolidates passages where the player needs to find signs or things on the screen by tapping on them. These can be used in interrogation scenes with explicit characters to uncover them and discover their deceptions. All through the game, the player moves toward an in-game working system called AquaOS. With that, they can re-read their conversations, look at their found things, and read diaries of the characters experienced.


Choices genuinely matter: Players choices can provoke a reliably remarkable story, with more than 150 story branches and 3 absolutely different endings

  1. Heavy great choices: Dramatically change the way you live the game, affecting establishment administrative issues, advancement, environment, NPC encounters, who lives and who kicks the container
  2. High replayability: More than 20 hours intelligence to see everything about
  3. Time travel: Explore the criminal agent’s flashbacks and examination cases from the past to help you with settling ones
  4. Mental interrogations: Break the covers and reveal reality with the Living Nightmares structure
  5. Exceptional soundtrack: dynamic OST with more than 50 sound tracks, some of which live recorded, for more than 2 hours of music


  • Operating system: WINDOWS® 7, 8.1, 10 (64bit)
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4160
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Illustrations: Intel® HD Graphics 4400
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Capacity: 2 GB accessible space
  • Requires a 64-bit processor and working framework

Delivered Date

As per the most recent news, this astounding game is delivered on 2021. You should examine the full form of this stunning game and download it rapidly from here to have fun.

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