Are You a Volunteer Using Honeypot Projects to Fight Anti-Vax Propaganda?

Recently, a well-known anti-vax promoter has stepped forward claiming that it is perfectly fine for the state and local authorities to allow the use of honeypots to fight anti-tax propaganda. This is despite the fact that such ‘honeypots’ have been used in the past to create chaos and allow quacks to stir up the fears of the general public. One could even liken such activity as being like allowing a fire to rage into a building in order to put off an impending fire. I am sure all of us can appreciate why such ‘honeypots’ are considered reprehensible and unnecessary. Let’s look at the real issue here.

The Volunteers Using ‘honeypot’ Groups To Fight Anti-vax

The volunteers using honeypot groups to fight antivax propaganda

In reality, the State and local authorities do not need to allow volunteer groups to go forth and fight these types of groups. It is perfectly within their mandate as set out by the US Constitution. The purpose of the groups is not to quash parental rights or freedom of speech. The groups are there to promote awareness of vaccination.

The fact that they are voluntary says it all. No parent wants to be told by their child that vaccines are dangerous and that they should refuse to take them. On the other hand, parents have no problem with this because they themselves have opted to get the shots in the first place. They would never dream of subjecting their kids to anything less. Therefore, while this is a battle between parents and children, it really doesn’t belong in between.

In this case, the State is forcing upon the parents a conflict where they are the aggressor and the volunteers are the defenders. In the end, there will be no winner or loser here, but only winners because the child will not be able to live normally without the vaccines. This is a win-win situation for everyone concerned because neither the child nor the parents will have been given false information. There will also be innocent children who will not have been subjected to shots without their parents’ permission.

However, one must also understand that these public relations tactics are quite clever in their own way. For instance, the public relations strategy used by the pharmaceutical company to protect its profits was quite ingenious. They offered free vaccine shots to college students, hoping that most of them would forget their childhood diseases later in life. Those who became ill did not turn out to be carriers of the diseases; those who remained healthy did not develop them. The company’s plan actually worked and those who took the shot lived longer than those who didn’t.

It is perhaps natural for a public relations company to adopt this strategy even though it obviously backfires. To a certain extent, such strategies backfire because those who received the free shots developed something else, either chronic illnesses or an untimely death. Of course, those who didn’t develop anything became healthier. But those who developed chronic conditions or an untimely death benefited greatly from the free shots; they were protected from cervical cancer, genital herpes, and various other deadly infections. Those who appreciated the protection received were the ones who understood the importance of public relations and understood the value of free vaccines.

Thus, in order to successfully use these types of strategies, anti-tax propaganda needs to become part of public communication strategies as well, just as the free vaccine shots did. The public must not forget that they themselves are at risk because of anti-tax propaganda. It must not be allowed to remain within the privacy of one’s home. The use of the ‘honeypot’ schemes should be a part of every public communication effort and strategy to combat anti-tax propaganda.

How is this accomplished? First, the promotional materials for the free vaccine shots need to have a catchy title and picture. Then, the information about the free shots should be easily readable, so that people reading the materials can understand them. Finally, the information about the free shots should be easily found in multiple sources so that there is no confusion about the program. In other words, if the campaign utilizes the use of a ‘honeypot’ scheme to spread anti-tax propaganda, then it is absolutely essential to make sure that the information is not available anywhere else.

The Volunteers Using ‘Honeypot’ Groups to Fight Anti-Vax Propaganda

Recently, I’ve read numerous books on how to use’Honeypots’ to defeat anti-tax legislation. I’m a huge fan of freedom and civil rights; I’ve never supported any politician who opposed them, or tried to stop them. However, I was nonetheless quite surprised when I read about how these same politically correct writers, and other ‘experts,’ were defending ‘honeypot’ tactics against their political opponents.

The volunteers using honeypot groups to fight antivax propaganda

One author said that his group had helped to get California to pass its Prop 37 initiative, which prohibits health care providers from providing certain medical services to illegal aliens. Prop 37 passed in November 2021. The author claims that his group’s work helped to ensure that Prop 37 went through; and his group is now helping to put more Prop 37 bills into place throughout the country.

This is all very well, if true. And yet, I would submit to you, that this is not the most efficient way to get volunteers. Indeed, it would seem to me, from all of the stories I’ve heard, that most of these volunteer groups do not have much of a solid impact on enacting legislation. In fact, there is one rather large exception to that.

Let’s look at one of the most telling incidents that I’ve ever heard regarding how these so-called ‘exchange’ volunteer groups really work. An irate constituent demanded that the members be stripped of their voting rights, because they wouldn’t vote to renew CA’s Prop 38, which banned all gay marriage. The representative was adamant that no one else had the right to be present at the meeting, except the members. One of the men who was trying to help bring people to the meeting insisted that he was there to help listen, and ask questions. He also said that he didn’t have any gay friends; that he wasn’t trying to drum up support for anyone’s social agenda.

So, clearly, this group was there to do one thing: drum up support for their own legislation. And that’s all they did. They didn’t help their cause in any way.

Now, I’m not saying that just one person could not be a valuable part of any group, as long as everyone involved is willing to put in a little effort. But, one thing I always tell people when they bring a constituent to a meeting is that they should never feel pressured to do anything that they don’t want to do. If the group isn’t there to help educate or fight, then maybe it’s time to find a new group to work with. If someone from the group starts to behave in a way that is unprofessional or starts to misrepresent the group in any way, then leave them alone. Let someone else take care of them.

I’ve been asked many times why I don’t join Honeypots or other politically inspired groups. The answer is simple and goes along the lines of the first statement I made. There are plenty of amazing people out there who genuinely want to help people; people who are passionate about their community and want to see change come to it.

The problem is that they don’t always know where to find them. It’s only a small step from there to claiming that you’re some sort of freedom fighter or part of some secret underground organization. And unfortunately, those people have a tendency to take away the rights of others. If someone feels they can’t have their civil liberties taken away, they’ll do it, whether they’re part of some group or not. If you want to use Honeypots to fight off this global pandemic of misinformation, you’re encouraged to do so. If not, just keep looking.

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