Five common mistakes to avoid when buying a 3D TV

Advertisements are made with as attractive as possible has become something quite provoke the curiosity of the people who watch advertisements on television or those who are going through a banner that contains about advertising on the streets. But since not all advertising offers that match exactly what was promised, that’s where the precision of a buyer being tested. One of the required accuracy is at the time of buying a 3D TV. And here are the five most common mistakes made when buying a 3D TV, and of course you should avoid.

1 – Buy a cheap brand. can not be denied that the sophistication of a 3D TV can also be seen from the price. It is due to the sophistication of competing to get top value, requires innovation and technology is not cheap. in addition, the ability of 3D TVs are usually equipped with internet connection, guarantee to convert 2D to 3D in, contrast ratio, refresh rate, update firmware and power consumption are much lower than branded models. This is what makes a 3D TV become expensive. If you try to save money on the initial purchase of a television, but in the end you will only add to the cost of repairs and a variety of complementary accessories that are sold separately but it seems like it requires you to buy it

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